AmeriPolish 3D Densifier


Densifies and hardens cement surfaces for improved wear and abrasion resistance
American Decorative Concrete developed the 3D Multiple Level Densifier to help keep new concrete looking newer longer. By penetrating deep into concrete the 3D Multiple Level Densifier is able to improve the surface performance and resist the harmful effects of traffic wear or weathering. High penetration densifiers can improve the performance of both new and aged concrete so look to 3D Multiple Level Denisfier for help in rejuvenating old or aged concrete. 3D Densifier can also be used with integrally colored cements.

USES: Ameripolish 3D Multiple Level Densifier can be used by itself or with Ameripolish dyes and stain protectors.
• Hardens concrete surfaces
• Prepares surface for high gloss diamond polishing
• Locks in dyes for longer lasting color
• Improves resistance to staining
• Improves scratch resistance
• Reduces abrasion patterns
• Reduces loss of concrete from wear

• Can be applied over new or existing concrete
• Penetrates fast for a deep seal
• Hardens deep to improve durability even after grinding
• Contains UV stabilizers to help protect color from fading
• Surfaces wear better & last longer
• Enhances color, gloss & clarity
• Helps prevent stains from penetrating
• Minimizes dust for healthier indoor air quality (IAQ)