Ameripolish ColorJuice3D

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Ameripolish® ColorJuice3D™
ColorJuice3D™ penetrates concrete surfaces to bond colorant to concrete. The colorant introduces color into the concrete surface, and can be applied multiple times to build up color.

ColorJuice3D™ is is designed to be used in conjunction with Ameripolish X-Link WB Surface Sealer. Without application and maintenance of such additional treatment, the surface will not exhibit optimum water, oil or chemical resistance.

• Can be applied to exterior and interior concrete
• UV stable pigments
• Contains concrete silicate hardener
• Fast application, no 3-hour dwell time
• Penetrating and durable
• Water-based
• Easy to apply
• Can be applied to most cementitious surfaces
• Concentrated for easy shipping and storage
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Low VOC (< 40g/l)