AmeriPolish Dye-N-Seal SB Pro


AmeriPolish Dye-N-Seal Solvent Based Concrete Dye
Dye-N-Seal solvent-based dye is packaged in powder form to be mixed with acetone and the Penetrating Agent by the customer. DYE-N-SEAL® dye has 32 standard colors. Dye colors can be combined to create an unlimited number of color variations. When applied properly, DYE-N-SEAL® dye gives great color to produce a look similar to an acid stain in approximately 1/3 the amount of time.

• Large selection of vibrant colors
• Extremely easy to apply
• Can be applied to most interior concrete surfaces
• Packaged in dry form for easy shipping and storage
• Unlimited shelf life in powder form
DYE-N-SEAL® coverage rates will very significantly from floor to floor based on the roughness of the concrete, the porosity and the mix design. Depending on the type of sprayer and the tip size, on regular concrete and most cementitious products expect 400-600 square feet per coat per gallon. Avoid excessive puddling to maximize coverage rate.
NOTE: DYE-N-SEAL dye is for interior application only. Color will fade over time in areas where the dye is frequently exposed to UV light. The quality of UV protection in windows and doors may also determine the amount of time it takes before color must be re-applied.