AmeriPolish Dye-N-Seal WB


AmeriPolish Dye-N-Seal Water Based Concrete Dye
DYE-N-SEAL water-based dye has been created to complement and expand on the already proven DYE-N-SEAL solvent-based dye. As with the solvent-based dye, the Water-based dye is formulated using extremely fine molecules of color designed to penetrate and color cementitious surfaces. DYE-N-SEAL dyes may be used as a base color or touch up for concrete that has received integral color, dry shake hardeners, acid stains or even as an overlay to itself.

• No flammability or combustibility issues
• Large selection of vibrant colors
• Extremely easy to apply
• Can be applied to most any cementitious surface
• Packaged in liquid form
• Easily shipped and stored
DYE-N-SEAL water-based dye is packaged in liquid form to be mixed with water by the customer. DYE-N-SEAL dye is offered in 32 standard colors. Custom colors are available for an additional fee and minimum order. Be aware that paint colors that contain a white base cannot be replicated. Dye colors can be combined to create an unlimited number of color variations. When applied properly DYE-N-SEAL dye gives great color and can produce a look similar to an acid stain with a sealer.
DYE-N-SEAL coverage rates will vary significantly
from floor to floor based on the roughness of the concrete, the porosity, and the mix design. Expect approximately 400 square feet per gallon for your first application, and 500-600
square feet for each additional application.