AmeriPolish Edge Tint


Not all concrete is accessible or easy to grind, so AmeriPolish created the Ameripolish® EdgeTint to provide complementary or contrasting color for edges and footings.
Ameripolish Edge Tint is a mixture of AmeriPolish’s proprietary non-yellowing acrylic blend (Part A) and the AmeriPolish Dye coloring pack (Part B). When blended together, EdgeTint allows you to apply color that can either be complementary, or contrasting, to your field color at edges, footings and hard to reach areas, or areas where it is impractical to grind and polish. EdgeTint, when applied with a suitable pump sprayer, will save you from the time, cost and unappealing final appearance usually achieved at edges and footings when ground.

• Extends the opportunity to complement your colored and polished floor with a full selection of AmeriPolish’s vibrant dye colors.
• Extremely easy to apply-simply by applying with a suitable pump sprayer.
• Can be applied to edges, footings or in areas where grinding is not feasible, such as rooms with drains.
• High-gloss shine complements your polished concrete floor.
• Resists most oil, grease and food stains.
• Simply add Part B to Part A, then apply 2 light applications of color to achieve astounding results. Eliminates edgework.

Ameripolish EdgeTint will cover approximately 200-250 square foot per mixed gallon, depending on porosity of the concrete.