AmeriPolish Oil Remediation System


AMERIPOLISH Oil Remediation System

The AmeriPolish Oil Remediation System is an environmentally synergistic way of removing oils from surfaces.  It can breakdown and consume oil based materials from multiple surfaces while absorbing odors.  The Oil Remediation System is 100% biologically driven and is therefore extremely safe for the environment.

The Oil Remediation System is also safe to use with all AmeriPolish Colors, Sealers and Stain Protectors.  After oil or stains are gone, follow standard cleaning procedure recommended by manufacturer.  The Ameripolish Oil Remediation System can also be used to remove oil stains from fabrics without hurting color or breaking down the fabric itself.

The AmeriPolish Oil Remediation System can be used on multiple surfaces such as cementitious materials, fabrics, carpet, wood, metal and most common substrates.  It is designed to consume and breakdown oil and oil based materials.  Oil Eater continually works on breaking down oil based materials until it is washed away.  It can continuously work for days on stains, breaking down the oils and consuming them.  This product works most efficiently at temperatures above 55F.  Colder temperatures do not destory the ability of oil eater to breakdown oils but will significantly slow down the process.


  • Environmentally safe and synergistic
  • Consumes & breaks down oil vs. just dissolving it
  • No harsh acids or bases or solvents that can cause irritation
  • Reduces or removes odors
  • Can be shipped as non-hazardous material
  • 100% biodegradable