AmeriPolish OS


AmeriPolish OS Polishable Overlayment System
AmeriPolish® OS is a complete system of treatments for coloring, polishing, protecting and maintaining cementitious overlay floors. It is compatible with most cementitious overlays.

The system consists of: (click on product name for complete details)
AmeriPolish OS Integral Color
Pre-measured liquid pigment designed especially for cementitious overlays.
AmeriPolish OS Densifier
Lithium silicate based densifier/hardener that improves resistance to liquid penetration
and abrasion, minimizes dusting, and prepares surface for high-gloss diamond polishing.
AmeriPolish OS Dye
Surface-applied dye with enhanced penetrating properties needed by cementitious overlays.
AmeriPolish WB OS Stain Protector
Breathable, water-base stain protection to protect color and help resist staining and etching.
AmeriPolish OS Cleaner
A compatible cleanser that also helps replenish stain protection.