AmeriPolish OS Densifier


AmeriPolish OS Densifier
AmeriPolish OS Densifier is a proprietary lithium silicate–based formulation. It is a milky white, odorless liquid concentrate. AmeriPolish OS Densifier hardens and densifies overlay surface by reacting with lime (calcium hydroxide) in overlay to form insoluble calcium-silicate-hydrates (CSH) that become a permanent part of overlay. This new CSH creates additional cementitious bonds that harden surface and plug microscopic pores to reduce surface porosity. It contains a UV stabilizer to minimize fading of colorants. It does not leave excess mineral salts (whiting) on surface unless over-applied.

Dilution and Coverage
AmeriPolish OS Densifier is shipped as a concentrate
designed to be diluted with potable water in a 1:1 ratio
to make working solution.

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