AmeriPolish OS Dye

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AmeriPolish OS Concrete Overlay Dye
Conventional coloring and polishing chemistry can be incompatible with overlays. The Ameri-Polish OS system, however, has unique properties to enhance compatibility and optimize results.

All components of system should be used together to lock in colors for long term beauty and durability. Products can ben used individually with components from other manufacturers, however, optimum hardening, stain resistance and color retention cannot be assured.

AmeriPolish OS Dye is a liquid dispersion of nano-sized colorant
particles in a proprietary non-combustible solvent. It is designed to be
used without dilution. 

AmeriPolish OS Dye colors cementitious overlays, penetrating the
substrate surface more readily than acetone-based dyes. It may also be effective on hard, dense concrete slabs that refuse acetonebased dyes. It covers approximatelty twice as much as conventional solventbased dyes.
It is a premixed, ready-to-use liquid. It contains UV stabilizers to help protect colorants against fading.

Dilution and Coverage
AmeriPolish OS Dye is shipped as a fully dilute, ready-to-use solution. Coverage varies depending on concrete mixture, porosity, and moisture content and on ambient conditions. Use test areas to determine appropriate application procedure and adjust application rate.
As a starting point to determine coverage: 1200 sf / gal (29.5 m2 / L)

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