AmeriPolish SureLock

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Color in concrete needs protection! Danger lurks above and below!
Moisture, ultraviolet radiation, stains and etching agents can spoil a beautiful polished slab.

The AmeriPolish SureLock Polished Concrete Color System
The AmeriPolish SureLock Color System puts rich color into the slab, penetrating, hardening and protecting the color from the damaging effects of excessive moisture on and in the concrete. UV stabilizers in every step help protect against fading. And SureLock keeps defending the surface every day against stains, oils, and even etching agents like vinegar. We’ve formulated the chemistries of dyeing and densifying so they work together, bonding the dye to the concrete and penetrating deeper to help stabilize and protect color from getting a faded desaturated look.

AmeriPolish SureLock Color System is a four-component system designed specifically for coloring polished concrete floors. To obtain optimum performance, all four components, SureLock Dye, SureLock Densifier, SureLock Stain Protector and SureLock Rejuvenating Cleaner should be used together to lock in colors for long term beauty.

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AmeriPolish SureLock Dye

AmeriPolish SureLock

AmeriPolish SureLock
Stain Protectors

Rejuvenating Cleaner