AmeriPolish SureLock Concrete Dye

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Mission Statement:  “Get color into polished concrete.... and keep it there!”

AmeriPolish SureLock Concrete Dye
Designed For Polished Concrete

A concrete dye equal to any application situation. It not only penetrates the surface but, unlike competitive products, it chemically bonds to the concrete. It contains UV-stabilizers for long-lasting performance.  Predissolved concentrate liquid is fast and easy to use: dilute to working strength and its immediately ready to apply. Penetrating agent  included in the dye eliminates mixing steps and delivers deep, rich colors.

• SureLock Dye provides consistent color that penetrates the surface layer of the
  concrete when mixed with the SureLock Densifier.
• Bonds with the other SureLock Color System components to protect color in slab.
• Is available in a broad range of vibrant colors.
• Contains UV stabilizer to help protect colorants in concrete against fading.
• Liquid concentrate eliminates 3-hour wait to dissolve dye required by other products.
• VOC compliant (< 40g/L)

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