AmeriPolish SureLock Densifier


AmeriPolish SureLock Densifier
Densifies and colors concrete preliminary to diamond polishing, to obtain a smooth, reflective surface on floor slabs and other concrete products. It increases sheen, abrasion resistance, water resistance, and stain resistance of exposed concrete finishes.

• Acts to lock color into concrete matrix, minimizing color
  migration or diffusion
• Chemically bonds to other components of Surelock Color System
• Improves surface resistance to liquid penetration and stains
• Improves abrasion resistance for better wear characteristics
• Minimizes dusting for healthier indoor air quality (IAQ)
• Prepares surface for high gloss diamond polishing
• Penetrates slab surface to deliver solids content deeper
  into surface layer than conventional lithium silicates
• Reduces labor and time required for installation
  compared to some densifiers, because it is spray-applied, does not
  require labor intensive scrubbing-in or gel formation, is fast reacting,
  requires minimal dwell time, and does not require scrubbing-off or
  wet caustic residue disposal
• Does not leave excess mineral salts (whiting) on surface
  unless over-applied
• May be applied to new or existing concrete
• Simple one-step application
• Cures quickly; traffic or other finishing operations can usually be
  resumed one hour
  after application
• Contains UV stabilizers to help protect colorants in concrete
• Does not contribute to surface crazing
• Helps combat efflorescence and alkali silica reaction (ASR)
• Odorless, non-flammable, VOC compliant (< 40g/L)

Coverage varies depending on concrete
mixture, porosity, and moisture content
and on ambient conditions. Use test
areas to determine appropriate appli-
cation procedure and adjust application
rate. As a starting point to determine
coverage: 500-700 sf / gal (12-17m2 / L)

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