AmeriPolish WB Aqua Shield Water Repellent


AMERIPOLISH® Aquashield Water Repellent
Adds water repellance to concrete surfaces including cast concrete, precast concrete, concrete masonry units, and concrete pavers, to help prevent staining and water damage. AquaShield Waterproofing Treatment is a longlasting treatment that can be surface appiied to any existing concrete. It causes water to bead up instead of soaking into surface.

• Extremely long-lasting
• Fast drying
• High coverage rate
• Low-odor
• Non-flammable
• Low VOC (< 40g/L)
• Water based
• Does not alter concrete appearance

Because it reduces water damage caused by infiltration into concrete, water repellant extends the service life of concrete and thereby limiting consumption of resources, consumption of energy, and emission of greenhouse gases associated with replacing concrete.

On broom-finished concrete floors, AquaShield Waterproofing Treatment will cover approximately
400 sf / gal (46 m2 / L), depending on porosity of concrete. Use test areas to determine appropriate application procedure and adjustapplication rate.