Decorative Concrete

      Photo Courtesy of Colour, Placerville, CA  

Decorative and Stenciled Concrete
Floors are not only being colored, but are getting double use as advertisements and brand identification. Many floors are being decorated with school mascots team logos and company logos. Schools and supermarkets use color changes to separate department spaces or to add flair and design to large open spaces and walkways. Enthusiasts want to embelish their garage floor with their favorite machines logo. There is a color explosion on surfaces that were not adaptable to color and graphics untill just a few years ago. The colors and graphics would wear or wash away in no time. With AmeriPolish, those designs and images can be installed to endure literally years of use without diminished beauty. 

AmeriPolish Classic  • The Original Ameripolish Dye
Powdered dye colors mixes in acetone. 24 standard colors that once diluted you can mix colors to create your own custom colors..

AmeriPolish Dye-N-Seal • Almost Like Paint By Number
An old and familiar technique, especially on old cracked and stained floors, is to use Dyes (or paint) and then seal the color with a thick coating. Dye-N-Seal dyes and sealers are light years ahead of that. Using almost the same technique, these colors will not peel up or fade away if used according to instructions.

AmeriPolish ColorJuice • Rich Colors Outdoor or Indoor
ColorJuice offers 28 vivid UV stable colors that can be used on broom or mechanically finished concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, or indoors on garage floors, warehouse or retail floors. Durable and ready to tread on overnight.