OS Dye
Dye for Cementious Overlay

Category: Color / OS Concrete Dyes

AmeriPolish OS Dye colors cementious overlays, penetrating the substrate more readily than acetone-based dyes. Amweripolish OS Dye is a liquid dispertion of nano-sized colorant particles in a proprietary non-combustable solvent that help the product to perforate even the hardest, most dense slabs that render conventional solvent-based colorants ineffective. Coverage rates are approximately twice as much as traditional solvent-dyes and OS Dye contains UV stabalizers to protect the colorants against fading. For best results, use along with Ameripolish 3DHS or 3DHSL Densifiers and SR2 Stain Resistor.


Consistent, rich penetrating color

VOC compliant and UV stabilizers prevent fading

Mixes with SureLock Densifier to chemically bond to the concrete

Liquid concentrate eliminates the three-hour wait to dissolve dye required by other products

Coverage rate is approximately 1,000-1,200 sq ft per gallon