The Ameripolish Leadership Team


Cofounder of Ameripolish

Clint Howle


Clint Howle has over 10 years in the polished and exposed concrete industry and is one of the original founders of Ameripolish. He currently serves as the President for the organization, overseeing all facets of the manufacturing process, including quality control, distribution and technical oversight.

Cofounder of Ameripolish

Carl Cabot

Executive Vice President

Carl Cabot, Executive VP for Ameripolish, is an expert in color chemistry. A chemist and engineer by training, he has been involved with the technology of coloring paints, plastics, coatings, and more recently concrete, for over 25 years. He has worked with leading companies such as Lubrizol and Noveon, has done pioneering work for the US government, and has published and presented numerous technical papers on the subject of color. At Ameripolish, he has worked to put concrete coloration on a sound scientific basis, and formulated a systematic approach to protecting color in concrete surfaces.

Sales and Distribution

VP of Key Accounts and US Distribution

Clif Rawlings

VP of Key Accounts and US Distribution

Clif Rawlings is the VP of Key Accounts for Ameripolish and has been in the concrete polishing, natural stone, and terrazzo industry for over 15 years. Prior to his role at Ameripolish, Clif developed and instructed the HTC University over the last 10 years. He is a founding member and also sits on the board of directors for CPAA. Today, Clif remains an advocate for the advancement of decorative and polished concrete through his continued participation in the CPAA Ethics Committee and his ongoing participation as an educator at trade events such as World of Concrete, Concrete Décor show, and the ICPSC.

Director of Technical Support

Gary Vidal

Director of Technical Support

Gary Vidal has served as a member of the Ameripolish leadership team for 10 years and in that time has seen the exposed concrete industry soar through strides in product evolution and technique development. He uses his knowledge in the concrete industry to a serve his clients needs, and to provide hands-on feedback to product development.

Program Director/SmartFloor

Jon Hughel

Program Director/SmartFloor

Jon Hughel is Program Director for Ameripolish's Smart Floor Business Unit, where he works with all participants and stakeholders throughout a floor's lifecycle to ensure an aesthic and functional surface long-term. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2004. Jon has 9years experience in the polished concrete industry; working during that time in sales, training and technical support for diamond abrasives and planetary equipment and in the development and implementation of maintenance programs for polished concrete and hard surfaces.

Business Development & Marketing

VP of Professional Services

Owen Meyer

VP of Professional Services

Owen Meyer joined Ameripolish in 2012 and is a registered architect with a professional background in commercial, industrial, and residential construction. Owen has worked closely with the Ameripolish team to develop detailed specifications and identify emerging trends in decorative and architectural concrete. He has also spearheaded educational content for the architectural community to help them explore the benefits of high-performance polished, colored, and exposed concrete.

Marketing at Ameripolish

Dustin Thomas

Director of Marketing

Dustin Thomas brings more than a decade of brand management and marketing strategy experience in the concrete industry to his role as Director of Marketing at Ameripolish. Prior to his role at Ameripolish, Dustin managed the North American marketing and communication efforts for HTC and HTC Twister. His primary focus at Ameripolish is to expand the global presence of the brand through the development of targeted industry content, social outreach, and promotional support to their distribution channels.

Customer Support

CS Ameripolish

Tonya Crittenden

Customer Service, US Distribution

Tonya Crittenden provides exceptional customer service to Ameripolish domestic distributors and serves as a liason between clients and the Ameripolish team.

CS Ameripolish

Danni Kennedy

Customer Service

Danni provides exceptional customer service to Ameripolish domestic distributors and serves as a liason between clients and the Ameripolish team.

Operations & Finance

VP of Operations

David Burkin

VP of Operations

David Burkin is the Vice President of Operations for Ameripolish, leveraging over 16 years of experience. He is an effective communicator whom strategically contributes to company initiatives, readily identifying more efficient methods of improving performance directly affecting the bottom line.

Accounting at Ameripolish

Eric Smith

VP of Finance

Eric Smith serves as Ameripolish's Vice President of Finance, and is heavily involved in the daily administration of all Ameripolish fiscal activities.